These are some of the frequently asked questions about our commission rebate program for new construction homes in Clark County, WA.

It seems too good to be true, how can you offer this?

Not at all. Our program rewards homebuyers for doing exactly what they are already doing, starting their home search on the Internet.  Think about it.  You would not be reading this right now if you hadn’t navigated through the web and somehow found us.  We offer rebates to buyers who come to us with a short list of new construction homes they are interested in.  We see this rebate as a way of offering a discount to those buyers who assist us in taking on the time consuming task of locating the right community for them.

Our program is geared toward the “do-it-yourself” segment of the market who takes on a very pro-active role in the initial search. However, if you are not computer savvy or would prefer an agent walk you through the process from the beginning, we will be happy to refer you to a traditional agent that does not offer a rebate.


Is your service really free to me?

Builders offer a 2.5% – 3% realtor commission that is always built into the price of the home. This is a marketing expense the builder simply keeps if you choose no representation. Since the builder pays our fee to represent you as a buyer, none of our services will cost you a penny and at closing you get 25% of the buyer’s agent commission as a rebate.  Talk about a win/win


Do you offer the same rebate program on existing homes?

The simple answer is no.  We built this program to help home buyers that are looking exclusively at new construction.  Our agents specialize in new construction and that is all we work on.  If you are looking at existing homes, you can click on the contact is tab above and we will refer you to an agent that can help you.


I am already working with another agent, does that matter?

Unfortunately if you are already under contract with another real estate agent, you are not eligible for our program. This service is never meant to solicit buyers already working with a buyer’s agent.  You likely chose your agent for good reasons and we are sure that you will be well served.


I am already registered with or have been taking to a new home builder; can I still get a rebate?

The answer to that question really depends on the builder.   A builder usually wants to know at the first meeting if you have a real estate agent representing you.  If you have already visited a builder, they are not legally bound to compensate a real estate agent, since you are already a potential client. Usually a builder will allow you to have an agent after you have make contact with them, but again that will depend on the builder.  Contact us and we can discuss your options.


Are rebates legal?

Yes, rebates to home buyers are 100% legal in 40 of the 50 states.  Washington State, of course, is one of the states that believe this is a beneficial service and therefore makes it legal.  See the Department of Justice comments in the How It Works section of this website.  If an agent tells you rebating is not legal, they are ignorant to the law, or simply they make more money by convincing you otherwise.


Why don’t all agents offer rebates?

The honest answer; I don’t know.  We see opportunity in helping buyers that are actually capable of doing a great deal of the initial research and legwork. Our business model is based on volume transactions, and we don’t need to make 2.5% on each deal to be successful.


What homes qualify for the commission rebate?

We offer our 25% buyer’s agent commission rebate program for any to-be-built (pre-sale) new construction homes as well as move-in-ready new construction homes. Many buyers find it easy to shop for new construction homes on their own without the assistance of an agent. We just want to make sure you are aware of ALL your options. Once you locate a home you would like to purchase, we’re here to help negotiate the sale, manage the escrow process, oversee the inspection process, plus rebate you 25% of the buyer’s agent commission.


How do I go look at new homes?

Once you find a NEW home or community that you would like to consider, simply visit the community sales office or model home and speak directly with the builder’s sales agent on site. Remember, the community sales agent is employed by (and there to represent the best interests of) the builder, not you.

IMPORTANT: When scheduling or previewing any property, ALWAYS let the onsite agent know, at your earliest contact with them, that your assigned agent (us) directed you to the property.  Always present them with a copy of the buyer representation form that we will provide you.  Otherwise, you will risk losing your rebate.


Will I pay more for my new home if you represent me?

Absolutely not! Your home will not cost you any more whether you use us to represent you or you walk into the sales office unrepresented.  Builders typically pay a 2.25% – 2.5% commission to agents who bring them a buyer. But in today’s market, many buyers find it easy to shop for newly constructed homes on their own and don’t bother to enlist an agent. The irony is that the builders own company policy requires the price of the home to be the same whether the buyer uses the service of an agent or not. Compensation provided to the agent is looked at a marketing cost and has no impact on the final price of the home. In fact, most builders expect and encourage agents to participate in their home sales.  We bring the Clark County home builders a lot of buyers and they could not be happier.  There is no discount or price reduction if you purchase your new home without an agent so why not get the rebate!


Do you also represent the home builders?

No, we only represent you. YOU are our client, not the home builder or seller.


Do I need to get pre-approved by a lender?

Yes, you need to get pre-approved. In order for us to offer this rebate it is essential that we can show the builder that the buyer is qualified.  We have 100% of our clients get pre-approved through our preferred lender prior to issuing the buyer’s agent document.  Our buyer clients can use ANY LENDER  to obtain their actual mortgage but they must be pre-approved by our preferred lender.  To offer such a lucrative rebate to the home buyer, this is a quality control item that we can not deviate from.


That’s pretty much it.  Contact us and start looking for your new home.  Have a great day