New Home Warranties

 Aside from all of the new beautiful features of the home, one of the great benefits to buying new is the fact that the home is under warranty.  Depending on the state, most homes come with a standard 1 year warranty.  This warranty protects the home buyer from defects that may have occurred during construction but make themselves visible after the home has been lived in.  Items such as failed HVAC, plumbing problems, roof leaks, cracked drywall and electrical issues are covered under the home’s warranty.  Defects caused by normal wear and tear as well as neglect are obviously not covered under the warranty.
Along with the one year warranty the the builder provides, many home buyers opt for an extended warranty.  These extended warranties can be purchased by the homebuyer at the time of construction completion or in many cases this is a standard offering from the builder.  One of the warranty programs that many of my clients are covered under is called a 2-10 warranty.  The entire home is covered in the first two years including the systems of the house.  Systems include, but are not limited to air conditioner, electrical, heating, and plumbing.  The 10 in the 2-10 warranty is a 10 year coverage for structural items such as floor framing, columns, beams, footing and foundation, load bearing walls and roof framing systems. As a Realtor that specializes in new construction, I make sure that every one of my clients is covered under a comprehensive home warranty. GET A WARRANTY