The Good, Bad and Ugly (Builders)

good_better_best_tachWe get asked this question pretty much every day.  As new construction specialists, we deal with a lot of home builders and their new home buyers.  We have seen every step of the process from the initial negotiation all the way through construction to the certificate of occupancy.

While we do our best to give every builder the benefit of the doubt, there is an undeniable range of quality and customer service across the portfolio of Clark County Home Builders.  Whether it is due to great attitudes about customer service or just a more talented team, there is a difference.

Our goal here is not to boost up one builder at the expense of the others so we will not post any names here.  There is nothing to gain with that.  If you want our opinion (it is not fact, just our opinion), then click on the contact us tab above.  We will ask you questions about your new home goals and give our honest opinion as to the builders that we feel will meet your needs.  We look forward to talking to you soon.